Home Business Masterclass Series

3 Sales Pages, 6 Business Books [Direct Mail]

The Home Business Masterclass is an instructional series designed for the UK market, which ships instructional DVDs and books to teach the skills needed to start and run a profitable home business. I wrote the following:

  • Front-end sales page for the Facebook Marketing Masterclass and the WordPress Masterclass
  • Back-end sales page for these Masterclass products:
    1. Crowdfunding Masterclass
    2. SEO Masterclass
    3. Mobile Marketing Masterclass
    4. Membership Website Masterclass
    5. The Writer’s Retreat
    6. Facebook Marketing Masterclass
    7. WordPress Masterclass
  • Back-end sales page for a licensed reselling program
  • Six printed, 60-page books teaching home business. These include:
    1. How To Become A Professional Blogger For Your Home-Based Business
    2. How To Create An Opt-In List For Your Home-Based Business
    3. How To Create On-Demand Products For Your Home-Based Business
    4. How To Use SEO For Your Home-Based Business
    5. How To Generate Website Traffic For Your Home-Based Business
    6. How To Increase Your Business Sales For Your Home-Based Business


“Mr. Anupam, you are the most talented and the best copywriter I have ever worked with! Keep up the good work and you will make millions! THANK YOU SIR!!!! You are a star … ONE IN A BILLION!!!!!!”

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