About Me

First things first: my name’s pronounced as A-nu-pam, with equal emphasis on all syllables. So there’s that.

In 2010, my lifelong empathy for animals and passion for protecting our Earth came full-circle, as I became vegan for life. This little detail is very important to this story. And if you’re curious why vegans are vegan, read my quick-and-dirty guide to veganism.

For one, I met my life partner, Cheryl Joy, after adopting the vegan lifestyle. We cherish the same values, and live them in different ways. While I have an analytical, problem-solving approach to life, she feels deeply. I come up with business ideas; she composes music. When I see wild animals, I observe them and take notes. She talks to them. To me, a roasted, unseasoned tuber is a fine meal, whereas she makes actual fine meals. She is everything that I can’t be. That’s why, when I met her, I knew that we had to be together.

There was one problem – we lived 7,878 miles apart. I was in Navi Mumbai, and she is a native Portlander. After 5 years of writing and calling everyday, meeting as often as we could afford, and clawing our way toward a life together, I finally paid off my mortgage, quit my job as a Project Manager, started a digital marketing business and moved to the United States. Which brings me to this website (ta da!)

I started this website to serve as my online resume and portfolio, as my marketing / copywriting business grew. So you see:

  1. If I hadn’t discovered veganism, I wouldn’t have met Cheryl.
  2. And if I hadn’t met Cheryl, I would not have moved to the United States.
  3. Which means that I probably wouldn’t have gone from IT Project Management to starting my online business (since I couldn’t work legally in the States for a while).
  4. And that’s how I ended up creating this website …
  5. And since I’m passionate about animals, and want people to care about them, I started blogging about them.

Which is why this site serves two purposes:

  • Hosting my portfolios for Project Management and Marketing / Copywriting
  • Writing about animals and protecting our Earth
  • Oh, and also hosting some of my older photographs for now – they will be moved to a new site soon. So that’s 3 purposes, not 2.

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