I am a creative entrepreneur based in Portland, Oregon and Navi Mumbai, India. I am a …

Project Manager & Product Designer: For 7+ years, I have managed multi-million dollar projects for every major business function. I have also designed more than 100 products and sites. View my résumé.

Inbound Marketer: My sales copy, websites and marketing funnels have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in investing, tourism, trading, logistics, healthcare, education, luxury and other industries.

Photographer: My niches are wildlife, macros and landscapes. To take the right kind of photos, I have built a one-of-a-kind camera system!

Author: I’ve written one pop-sci book on animals, with more in the works. I also love to blog about animals and science, but of late, work has kept me so busy that I haven’t been able to do either.

Thanks for dropping by! I don’t use social media … contact me here.

Anupam is a LOT more than just a copywriter. He cares and dares. Tell him what you want and put his magic to the test. You will be pleasantly surprised. Guaranteed. He’s got a big heart and I am confident we will be working together in the many years to come.

It’s been an honour rafiki. Asante sana! 🙂

Michaël Theys, Founder, AfricaFreak

“Anupam helped me create a very professional looking, elegant and a comprehensive proposal when I was looking to raise funds for my Everest expedition. He covered the details of my life’s journey, the causes that I was supporting, the Everest challenge, and why a corporate organization should sponsor my endeavor. This formed the basis of my fundraising activities and I found a sponsor. Anupam worked completely for free because he wanted to see me become the first Vegan in the world to climb Mt. Everest. Over the years I have gotten to know Anupam and he is a very passionate ethical Vegan and an environmentalist. He is also an awesome poet, and he wrote a poem about the Everest challenge that is truly inspirational. More recently, Anupam helped me create a sponsorship proposal for a non-profit photo exhibition that I was organizing in support of Nepal earthquake relief. And of course we received sponsorship.

“I would highly recommend Anupam to anyone who’s looking for help in creating high quality, crisp, well-researched content in any field.”

Kuntal Joisher, Mountaineer