Africa Freak

Sales Page, Squeeze Pages, Email Funnel

Africa Freak is the world’s #1 community for Africa enthusiasts and travelers. It’s a veritable treasure trove of Africa news, safari deals, travel guides, language lessons, wildlife cams and priceless vacation tips. It also shows you a side of Africa, its cultures and its natural wonders that are neglected by mainstream media.

I am proud to be part of their story. I have created a sales page, squeeze pages and email funnels for their visitors.


Anupam is a LOT more than just a copywriter. He cares and dares. Tell him what you want and put his magic to the test. You will be pleasantly surprised. Guaranteed. He’s got a big heart and I am confident we will be working together in the many years to come.

It’s been an honour rafiki. Asante sana! 🙂

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