Creating Power System

Sales Pages and Emails

The Creating Power System is a personal development system that helps people tap into the latent power of their subconscious minds to rapidly transform their lives. It’s one of the best self-growth products ever created. They already had a sales page, which had converted well for 20 years, and they needed me to design a page to beat that!

I’ve designed a new sales page for them, as well as more sales pages to sell the product to different niches, or to upsell other products. I not only wrote the copy, but also designed the sales pages with a responsive layout. It looks like my copy will be effective for a few years to come! I’ve also written new emails for their sales funnel.

Africa Freak

Sales Page, Squeeze Pages, Email Funnel

Africa Freak is the world’s #1 community for Africa enthusiasts and travelers. It’s a veritable treasure trove of Africa news, safari deals, travel guides, language lessons, wildlife cams and priceless vacation tips. It also shows you a side of Africa, its cultures and its natural wonders that are neglected by mainstream media.

I am proud to be part of their story. I have created a sales page, squeeze pages and email funnels for their visitors.


Anupam is a LOT more than just a copywriter. He cares and dares. Tell him what you want and put his magic to the test. You will be pleasantly surprised. Guaranteed. He’s got a big heart and I am confident we will be working together in the many years to come.

It’s been an honour rafiki. Asante sana! 🙂

TR Profit System

Sales Page, Email Funnel, Video Sales Letters

Toshko Raychev is one of the world’s top independent forex traders. His trading strategies are so effective that he is paid as much as $1,000 per person, per hour for his seminars, and has mentored over 2,000 people as successful forex traders. In early 2016, he launched the Toshko Raychev Profit System, which used cutting-edge predictive algorithms to make swift, profitable trades on currency pairs. This program was open to barely 1,000 students and lasted for over six months.

I wrote as many as 8 emails per day for this product for various lists. My emails achieved over $300,000 in sales in six weeks.


“Very competent copywriter and a pleasure to work with. You will find him very polite and eager to please.”


Sales Page, Squeeze Pages, Email Funnel

Russ Horn is one of the world’s most successful independent forex traders. He has mentored over 6,000 students and shared his expertise with many financial institutions and hedge funds. The Tradeonix trading system uses innovative strategies to unearth hidden opportunities on the market without even trading against the market trend. Tradeonix was a six-month long program with weekly webinars and online mentoring.

I contributed to its sales page and wrote as many as 11 emails per day for its email funnel. My copy was responsible for sales of over $120,000 in just three weeks.


Direct Response Copy and Email Funnel

MaidPro is North America’s leading home cleaning service company. With decades of experience, the use of premium products and meticulous processes, MaidPro is synonymous with beautiful, clean homes and exceptional service. So far, I have written a direct response letter for MaidPro and worked on an email funnel.


“I’ve used many writers and Anupam is among the best. He has the ability to understand what you want…even if you haven’t fully communicated it. He also has excellent suggestions to improve the final content.”

Wealthy Education

Sales Pages, Video Sales Letters, Email Funnel

Wealthy Education offers courses in investment and wealth creation. So far, they have trained over 10,500 students from over 140 countries. I’ve created 2 sales pages, 6 video sales letters and an email funnel for their extensive ‘Wealthy Investor Bootcamp’ program, which teaches stock investing, fundamental and technical analysis, investing in value stocks, REITs, ETFs, dividends and more.

Tata Communications

Direct Mail, Web Copy, Press Release, Email Funnel

In terms of infrastructure, Tata Communications is the world’s largest telecommunications company. When I was employed there as a technical lead / project manager, I also volunteered to use my marketing skills for an end-to-end rebranding campaign. I designed and wrote copy for brand elements, designed stationery, rewrote site content, ran a monthly newsletter and wrote press releases for other newsletters. My efforts improved CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) from 2.8 to 4.9 (out of 5) in six months.



Squeeze Page, Email Funnel

Isotonix is the creator of path-breaking cures for arthritis, joint pain and inflammation. The Isotonix Prime Joint Support Formula and OPC-3 supplements reduce inflammation, regenerate cartilage and heal arthritis healing with safe, effective and 100% natural ingredients.

I have written a squeeze page and an email funnel for an Isotonix affiliate.


Awesome experience. Exactly what I was after. This guy is the real deal. Thanks very much. I look forward to working with you again, very soon.

I made the changes you recommended and less than 24 hours, I got another signup. Wow! Excellent work … I have already referred you to 2 other people.


TED Talk of the Day

Email Funnel

Will Potter is an award-winning journalist, author of Green Is The New Red, and TED Senior Fellow. He has done a great service to the environmental and animal rights movement by investigating the farce of “eco-terrorism” charges and the intimidation of activists by the FBI and other agencies. He is also the only journalist ever to have visited secret political prisons known as CMUs.

His most recent TED talk is titled “CMUs: The Secret US Prisons You’ve Never Heard Of Before”. My emails helped gain over 1,000,000 views for this talk in less than a week.

Elliott Wave DNA

Email Funnel

Elliott Wave DNA is a strategy for trading currency pairs, developed by Nicola Delic, CEO of Singapore Grand Capital. He has pioneered the use of Elliott Wave analysis, fundamental analysis and Correlation techniques for consistent, long-term profits. Elliott Wave DNA is an exclusive coaching program teaching these strategies in a simple manner, so that anyone can learn forex trading for consistent profits.


Web Copy, Press Releases, Email Funnel is a startup that combines IT with legal services. It is an online platform for connecting people with local attorneys who offer their services for $99 per hour or less. Thanks to Law99, needy clients can receive low-cost legal counseling. Attorneys gain more clients, and new attorneys, fresh out of law school, get a chance to gain valuable experience.


“Anupam is very talented ! I highly recommend him. His research skills are excellent.”