Direct Response Copy and Email Funnel

MaidPro is North America’s leading home cleaning service company. With decades of experience, the use of premium products and meticulous processes, MaidPro is synonymous with beautiful, clean homes and exceptional service. So far, I have written a direct response letter for MaidPro and worked on an email funnel.


“I’ve used many writers and Anupam is among the best. He has the ability to understand what you want…even if you haven’t fully communicated it. He also has excellent suggestions to improve the final content.”

Tata Communications

Direct Mail, Web Copy, Press Release, Email Funnel

In terms of infrastructure, Tata Communications is the world’s largest telecommunications company. When I was employed there as a technical lead / project manager, I also volunteered to use my marketing skills for an end-to-end rebranding campaign. I designed and wrote copy for brand elements, designed stationery, rewrote site content, ran a monthly newsletter and wrote press releases for other newsletters. My efforts improved CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) from 2.8 to 4.9 (out of 5) in six months.


Home Business Masterclass Series

3 Sales Pages, 6 Business Books [Direct Mail]

The Home Business Masterclass is an instructional series designed for the UK market, which ships instructional DVDs and books to teach the skills needed to start and run a profitable home business. I wrote the following:

  • Front-end sales page for the Facebook Marketing Masterclass and the WordPress Masterclass
  • Back-end sales page for these Masterclass products:
    1. Crowdfunding Masterclass
    2. SEO Masterclass
    3. Mobile Marketing Masterclass
    4. Membership Website Masterclass
    5. The Writer’s Retreat
    6. Facebook Marketing Masterclass
    7. WordPress Masterclass
  • Back-end sales page for a licensed reselling program
  • Six printed, 60-page books teaching home business. These include:
    1. How To Become A Professional Blogger For Your Home-Based Business
    2. How To Create An Opt-In List For Your Home-Based Business
    3. How To Create On-Demand Products For Your Home-Based Business
    4. How To Use SEO For Your Home-Based Business
    5. How To Generate Website Traffic For Your Home-Based Business
    6. How To Increase Your Business Sales For Your Home-Based Business


“Mr. Anupam, you are the most talented and the best copywriter I have ever worked with! Keep up the good work and you will make millions! THANK YOU SIR!!!! You are a star … ONE IN A BILLION!!!!!!”

First Vegan On The Everest

Direct Marketing (Fundraising)

When my friend Kuntal Joisher, an accomplished mountaineer, prepared to climb the Everest, I wanted to help in any way possible. There was another reason for this: I wanted to see a vegan mountaineer climb the Everest. Vegan athletes and bodybuilders hold a number of world records, and yet the constant propaganda of the animal agriculture industry has created the false perception that a plant-based diet is unhealthy. Kuntal’s feat has once again destroyed this stereotype.

During his second Everest attempt, Nepal suffered a massive earthquake that destroyed tens of thousands of lives. I wrote copy to help Kuntal raise funds for the Nepal earthquake relief.


“Anupam helped me create a very professional looking, elegant and a comprehensive proposal when I was looking to raise funds for my Everest expedition. He covered the details of my life’s journey, the causes that I was supporting, the Everest challenge, and why a corporate organization should sponsor my endeavor. This formed the basis of my fundraising activities and I found a sponsor. Anupam worked completely for free because he wanted to see me become the first Vegan in the world to climb Mt. Everest. Over the years I have gotten to know Anupam and he is a very passionate ethical Vegan and an environmentalist. He is also an awesome poet, and he wrote a poem about the Everest challenge that is truly inspirational. More recently, Anupam helped me create a sponsorship proposal for a non-profit photo exhibition that I was organizing in support of Nepal earthquake relief. And of course we received sponsorship.

“I would highly recommend Anupam to anyone who’s looking for help in creating high quality, crisp, well-researched content in any field.”