Fetch Storage

Legal agreements (web copy)

Fetch Storage provides end-to-end storage services. As this business handles the property of their clients, it’s important that their clients understand their legal rights and the limitations of the company’s liabilities. While most legal documentation is hard to understand, Fetch Storage needed legal agreements that are easy to read and understand, while being legally sound.

I’ve written their Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Security Policy agreements, and their damage claims form.


Web copy

Zulukite is a niche video service, designing one-of-a-kind greetings and video gifts for their clients. I wrote the web copy for Zulukite to explain the value offered by this remarkable service. The copy is highly personal, speaking to the reader like a friend, which mirrors the intimate experience offered by a Zulukite video.


Anupam is clearly very hard working, intelligent and able to understand complex requirements. Great work.

Andy Beales

Web Content

Andy Beales is an award-winning travel photographer, whose photos have featured in major media publications worldwide. He is also the creator of the highly rated Guilin Photo Tours service in China. I’ve written the bio for his photography website.


Anupam was kind, professional and hard working … He adapted to the style change I required and produced what I required. He was willing to go the extra mile. I will hire Anupam again. Thank you!

Tata Communications

Direct Mail, Web Copy, Press Release, Email Funnel

In terms of infrastructure, Tata Communications is the world’s largest telecommunications company. When I was employed there as a technical lead / project manager, I also volunteered to use my marketing skills for an end-to-end rebranding campaign. I designed and wrote copy for brand elements, designed stationery, rewrote site content, ran a monthly newsletter and wrote press releases for other newsletters. My efforts improved CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) from 2.8 to 4.9 (out of 5) in six months.



Web Copy

FR8LY is a Canadian startup that aims to disrupt the shipping and storage industries. It uses a mobile app to connect delivery agents and commercial storage spaces with clients – a lot like how Uber connects taxi drivers with their clients. I have written copy for their website, explaining their service and their app’s features to a new market.


Web Copy

ExcellentMaids.net is a professional home and commercial cleaning service based in Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and Phoenix. I’ve written web copy to sell their home cleaning service.

Kashia Collection

Brand Story

Kashia Reinert is a talented designer based in Los Angeles. When her high-end couture first debuted at the LA Fashion Week, she needed a compelling brand story for her new website. Being a luxury label, the brand had to convey exclusivity and desirability. By explaining the inspiration behind the fashion label, the attention to detail in its metalwork and precious stones inlays, and the painstaking efforts involved in making each dress, presented these expensive handmade dresses as worthwhile investments.


“Anupam has a great sense of aesthetics and strong professionalism.”


Web Copy, Press Releases, Email Funnel

Law99.com is a startup that combines IT with legal services. It is an online platform for connecting people with local attorneys who offer their services for $99 per hour or less. Thanks to Law99, needy clients can receive low-cost legal counseling. Attorneys gain more clients, and new attorneys, fresh out of law school, get a chance to gain valuable experience.


“Anupam is very talented ! I highly recommend him. His research skills are excellent.”